I have decided to dabble into the wonderful world of cosplay, here is where I'll document and post photos of the characters I cosplay, it is extremely expensive (to my dismay) so new posts will probably be every few months or so, but keep checking back!

. Tinkerbell
I decided to cosplay actual Tink as she is one of my most favorite Disney characters! shes so sassy and confident, she's also one of the first female characters I had ever noticed being so flawed yet so loved, Tink really showed me that its okay to be imperfect and the importance of self love!


. Hermione Jean Granger
I could literally write novel about how much I not only relate to but also admire Hermione, since I was 10 she has inspired me to take education seriously, love who I am regardless of the judgement of others and to stand up for what I believe, so it only feels right that my first "proper" cosplay is my Favorite character of all time! 


. Festival Tinkerbell:
This idea was inspired all by myself really, I was really itching to try cosplay out but had no events I could attend, so I decided that I would use the music festival "T in the park"'s Fancy Dress Friday as an excuse to dress as Tinkerbell! I then decided that taking a spin on things and styling her to accommodate a music festival was really cute, even taking up the nickname "Tink in the park" ideally I wanted a wig also, but didnt order it in time....but it shall be here for Halloween!