Thursday, April 3, 2014


Hey guys! its that time again! last year all of your amazing votes got me through to the Company Style Blogger Awards, and I was you guys to help me to attend this year as well!!

what to-do?
it would mean the world to me <3 so go on what are you waiting for!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

whats in my bag day three!



Im not quite sure what took me so long to do another one of these, maybe I came to the realization that I don't have enough bags? whatever the case I am continuing on with it now! This is kind of like my standard college bag/what I bring to college. I firstly take my bag, This is from Fossil and has seriously served me four long years of high school and college and still looks brand new! I got it for Graduation....used it a little bit earlier ;) its so rustic, and matches almost anything (key word: ALMOST, as it is brown). Secondly I then have my Fossil wallet, which I bought for my birthday! I love the colors, and its even big enough to hold my phone inside but also small enough to not be a burden! I guess the only way to describe it is as a "goldy locks" wallet, not too big and not too small: just right! I even added a wee charm to the zip! Thirdly I have my spiral (to take nots etc.) my bear highlighters to highlight important information but still feel cute and fun, and my gorgeous pen to write and also feel rather cute :P I have my Alexa Chung book to read during breaks, and its a wonderfully interesting read! My abercrombie (kids) perfume is used in case...well..I stink or something, I know some people don't like the brand but you cant fault the smell! amazing! it smells just like the store but a wee bit more feminine. The two remaining items are my scarf and snack box! my scarf is in case I get cold (and its pink so....go me) and the snack box I use to bring nuts into college :) my boyfriend got me it for valentines day and I just found it so adorable!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

help me kick cancers ass!

Im running race for life and need ALL THE DONATIONS I CAN GET!!! all donations go towards Cancer Research UK :) im doing the run in dedication of my darling grandfather (who is the man in the above photo, and me as a wee chubby baby) who had sadly died of cancer a few years ago SO GO ON! PLEASE DONATE! every little bit helps!! :D


Monday, February 24, 2014

winter is a horrible time for bloggers

especially ones that live in cold and windy places like Scotland D: theirs never any lighting for looks, and I would rather give you guys amazing quality looks than ones you can barely make out the pattern of the outfit in! this isn't an excuse, its just an explanation :) I love everyone who always views my blog! keep viewing! I do still have that vlog in the works, needing to save up fr some amazing video editing software and i'm sorted! should I have a "vlog" charity event? hahah kidding...kind of ;) summer is soon however!! so be expecting hundreds of looks once the sun shows itself IN THE MEAN TIME here is my photo for the #nastygalkissoff competition, (which I didn't win) but I felt the need to post anyway as it is a type of "look" a valentines look persay? I paired my white dress with my white socks and black heels, the flower crown was worn to bring another colour towards the look and match the lipstick!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

elegance can be sexy!

“I find the whole concept of being ‘sexy’ embarrassing and confusing. If I do an interview with photographs people desperately want to change me - dye my hair blonder, pluck my eyebrows, give me a fringe. Then there’s the choice of clothes. I know everyone wants a picture of me in a mini-skirt. But that’s not me. I feel uncomfortable. I’d never go out in a mini-skirt. It’s nothing to do with protecting the Hermione image. I wouldn’t do that. Personally, I don’t actually think it’s even that sexy. What’s sexy about saying, ‘I’m here with my boobs out and a short skirt, have a look at everything I’ve got?’ My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal the more people can wonder.” -Emma Watson

I really relate to this, having been a fashion/life style blogger for a good 3 years now I do get loads of comments from people I meet asking me why I dress the way I do. Even though I know I don't dress bad, its because I like to dress conservative, not SO conservative where my neck is covered/ankles covered and I have been known to wear some short skirts, but I always wear them with shorts underneath or tights. So I don't dress in tight mini skirts and like to have my boobs on show? so what? yes I am 21, and its probably my prime time to "flaunt it" but I just see no need in dressing revealing. To me the best type of style is Elegant/Classy. With that being said, some woman defiantly pull off the whole "sexy revealing" look, but Id look like an absolute joke. I do feel as if there's this image in society that girls/woman should be dressed in tight clothing/ little-to-no clothing to be seen as "attractive" and "sexy" and this is then kind of thrown down at young girls today. I just want to voice my opinion that elegance can be sexier than baring your whole body on display, especially young girls, I want them to look at young celebrity's like Emma Watson,Lily Collins, Emma Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence (and loads more im forgetting to mention) and see that its just as beautiful to dress elegantly.

upper left:  emma watson
lower left: jennifer lawrence
upper right: emma roberts
lower right: lily collins

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Wild Scottish Vote!!

Incase you dont know, "Grow Wild" is an amazing four-year campaign to bring people together to sow UK native wild flowers. They believe that they can transform where we live by bringing colour and surprise to our streets. By Growing Wild, we can turn our gardens and windowsills into wildlife-friendly wild flower patches. Earlier this year, Grow Wild asked people to nominate a site in their community that would benefit from a Grow Wild transformation. They heard from enthusiastic community members who’d actively rallied local people to decide what their community should do with the Grow Wild funding. Youth groups, community associations and residents groups, artists, high school design students, and landscape architects all worked to pull together some really inspirational plans.

The three shortlisted Scottish sites are:

Belville Community Garden, Greenock
Frog Pond, Dedridge, Livingston, West Lothian
The Water Works, Barrhead, East Renfrewshire

 SO WHAT I WOULD LIKE YOU TO-DO Is vote :) my personal vote is for The Water Works as it seriously is my front yard ;) SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!? GET VOTING!

vote here: "

 (You can read about how each of the three shortlisted sites would like transform their community and vote for your favourite on our website and find out more about Grow Wild at The Scottish site with the most votes will win the £100,000 Grow Wild transformation. Voting runs until midnight on 3 November and the winner will be announced in mid-November.)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Unique Halloween Costume Ideas!

Its that time of the year where we all think "who am I even going to go as for Halloween?" in a bit of a stump? well luckily I'm here to help ;D I have 5 ideas here for you! hopefully you find some inspiration :)
1. Lydia Deetz: shes gothic, she's edgy and seeing as thats VERY in fashion now days I think she would make the perfect halloween costume ;) * FOR ALL LOVERS OF THE COLOUR OF BLACK*
2. Skeleton: I know what you're thinking "ive heard of that before" but go as a more quirky skeleton ;) mix it up! wear a cute bone T and a colourful wig and make it you! *FOR ALL LOVERS OF DIY*
3. 20's Flapper girl: heard of this one too? take a note on how Lauren Conrad styled her "flapper girl" outfit! go thrift shopping and find some gems! make it elegant,girly, and classy! would be such a unique spin to the usual flapper-girl-outfit you buy off of ebay ;) *FOR LOVERS OF VINTAGE SHOPS*
4. Marie Antoinette: this outfit would be amazingly beautiful if done correctly! so creative and feminine :)Although I will say if you like this idea you will probably need to give the costume 100% so it doesnt look cheap/tacky! *FOR LOVERS OF THE THEATER*
5. Miley Crys: and why not?! shes urban and edgy, and although most of us wouldnt wear/try to pull off the clothes she does we can at least try one day of the year! I see this costume and unique and fun! *FOR LOVERS OF HIPHOP*