III Wendy
Out of all the Disney characters, I actually relate to Wendy the most! Her imagination and passion is boundless, I've forever had an overactive imagination and even now still kind of believe in all things magical. I loved her character because she was this sweet lovely obedient young women who rebels and seeks more from her life than the boring confinements of London society, however in the end she manages to cherish both adventure and normality, its a sweet story and I'll forever have a huge admiration for her character. She is a motherly figure but its not depicted as a "boring" quality as I usually see, its illustrated as a treasure of a quality that can be fun and also reasonable. I have always been slightly obsessed with Wendy's look (as a child) so I really didn't want to take much away, I wanted to keep her childish manner yet instill the elegance and sophistication of her character.